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President attends British Ambassador Reception

Our President was extremely honoured to be invited to a reception at the British Ambassador's residence in Madrid. The reception was held to thank the British Community

British Ambassador Hugh Elliott with President of Samaritans in Spain, Donna Williams

Organisations for their collaboration and support over the last five years.

It was an intimate gathering with around 50 guests, including representatives from politics, the British Consulates, and a wide range of charities from across Spain. Our President took every opportunity to engage with the guests, making it a memorable event that fostered connections and understanding among the various organisations.

Wife of British Ambassador Hugh Elliott cutting the Paddington Bear cake

Mr Elliott took the opportunity to give a little speech—a little longer than the post-it on which he claimed to have written it! He was in very good humour and shared an anecdote about avoiding a diplomatic incident by not serving a cake at a previous event for fear of there not being enough to go around! He then relayed that the cake would be served at this event instead.

On a more serious note, he expressed his deep appreciation for all those present, sharing that he had gained a profound understanding of the diverse range of organisations established to support UK residents over the past five years. He also took a moment to commend the Consulates for their exceptional work, especially during the challenges of Brexit.

Alex Ellis, a close friend of Mr Elliott, will shortly replace him. Mr Ellis is currently the British High Commissioner in New Delhi and is expected to take up his new position in the summer of this year. Mr Hughes will return to London to take up a role in the Foreign Office.

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Jun 28

Mum diagnosed 8 and a half years ago with Parkinson's. Tried Vega Baja and Spanish social services. She's lied about diagnosis. Got over the tears, spiteful behaviour but the anger stage has kicked in. She's gone so downhill since a fall 2 weeks ago and she seems to thinks that everything ok. She's got no idea and neither do I

Jun 28
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I am so sorry that you are going through such a difficult time. It really does sound like you would benefit from talking to one of our trained listeners. We are currently available between 10am and midnight on FREEPHONE 900 525 100

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