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Cabo Roig celebrates St Patrick's Day!

Wow, what an incredible turnout for the St Patrick's Day Parade at Cabo Roig this year! The sun was shining, the music playing and the people enjoying a wonderful Sunday afternoon watching the various dancers and floats pass by.

As the officially appointed charity, our volunteers were there in their branded t-shirts and with their collecting buckets! The crowd were amazing and generously showed their support... so much so that in just two hours, we managed to collect an impressive 1,582€!!

Definitely worth the aching feet from walking up and down the Strip!

Our thanks to all our volunteers who participated, to the St Patrick's Day Committee who nominated us and of course, to each and every person who put something in our collection buckets. It is only with this continued support that we are able to provide our FREEPHONE service 900 525 100.

As a reminder, we are here to listen to any English speaker (irrespective of nationality) who feels the need to talk about any difficult thoughts or feelings. Please remember you do not have to be feeling suicidal to call us.

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